When Science Meets Diplomacy

With the onslaught of existential challenges plaguing the world today and threatening humanity's future, both scientific and diplomatic solutions are needed in equal measure.


TED Talks for Aspiring Diplomats (and those who have been in the Foreign Service long enough but who need a fresh doze of inspo)

No other career allows you to stand at the frontlines of the most critical junctions in your country's history while at the same time giving you the opportunity to see the world and make a difference in the lives of other people.

The Day I Made My Peace with Iloilo

I made my peace with Iloilo in 2015, four years since I lived and worked in the city I once saw through grey-tinted glasses. I was back as a member of thr organising council of the Philippine chairmanship of the 2015 APEC meetings so my reason for being there was starkly different from my previous …

Like All Others

As a married diplomatic couple of only eight months, my husband and I are anything but extraordinary and our life together, contrary to the belief of many is anything but glamorous. Like every other couple, we had our share of challenges though